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    Best Functions & Features to “Excel” With Your Spreadsheets

    A lot of stereotypes about accountants aren’t true. Being an accounting major I hear a lot of, “Oh you must really like math”, or “That sounds boring you just look at numbers”, and my personal favorite, “Will you do my taxes for me?”. However, there is one stereotype about accountants that is totally true…we LOVE our spreadsheets. Somehow over the course of four years in college I went from despising Microsoft Excel to using spreadsheets in my daily life. I use it in my internships, to complete homework, and even just to plan things, such as my spring break trip. I’ve picked up on some handy tricks over the past…

  • Fitness

    A Fitness App that Actually Works!

    After coming to college, I’ve always found it difficult to maintain motivation when it comes to working out. In high school it was so easy when I was playing tennis. I had tennis practice at school or a lesson at my club, which typically included some type of strength, agility, or endurance workout. These workouts gave me ideas of how what to do on my own to supplement and I found it easy to get myself to workout thinking about how it would make me better at tennis. Now, I find it hard to summon the motivation to workout and I’m sort of clueless what exactly to do. In hopes…

  • Accounting

    Six Weeks to Success – How I Prepared for my CPA Exam

    To most accounting students the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam is the ultimate goal or the final step after getting your college degree to affirm to the world that you are proficient in the field. Those 3 letters you get to add to the end of your name are the elusive, coveted prize that comes after passing 4 exams: Financial Accounting & Reporting, Auditing & Attestation, Regulation, and Business Environment & Concepts. There are some other state specific requirements to get your final CPA License listed on the AICPA website, but passing the exams make up the majority of the requirements to get your CPA. I can proudly say I…